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We are BQ. We Help people to understand technology, we inspire them to use it, and develop it. We are passionate about making technology and we put all our efforts into offering you more than just a product. All our products are supported by three pillars: hardware, software and design. We are working to show you how to differentiate between these three elements and to encourage you to create them for yourself.

bq North America is managed and operated by CubiMap Distribution, LLC. CubiMap Distribution,LLC. is the Authorized Distributor for bq in North America.

La Familia

bq 3D World - La Familia


The Witbox is a domestic printer with DIN-A4 print volume and a height of up to 20 cm, meaning it has a greater capacity to print large scale objects and multiple parts simultaneously than any other printer.

Prusa i3

The Prusa i3 Hephestos is the most popular 3D printer in the RepRap community. The Hephestos is the most advanced Prusa i3 version and offers significant improvements. The Hephestos is a kit that includes all the parts you need and manuals for step-by-step assembly.


The BQ DIY ecosystem expands with Ciclop, the latest addition. Combining it with the Prusa i3 Hephestos or any 3D printer enables you to go one step further and convert the projects that you scan using Ciclop and Horus into tangible objects.


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